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We buy and grow the brands of tomorrow

We acquire consumer eCommerce brands, providing entrepreneurs with a healthy exit, and we invest in the acquired brands to grow them globally.


Our experienced growth operators are experts in the consumer space and in growing microbrands.


We leverage our in-house AI technology for automation, optimization, and strategy implementation.


We build the right team for the brand. a team that will turn a microbrand into a global and well known brand.
Who We Are

We specialize in Ecommerce

We own a portfolio of consumer products companies that started as hidden gems with loyal followings. Under our expert ownership, we focus on amplifying their awesome attributes while retaining each brand’s original name and soul.

Company vision

The story behind how our company was founded

We started as a young boy dream from his little bedroom to now more than 12 brands which are spreading happiness all over the world. Building and growing brands is like a video game. You need to be creative, you need to compete, and you need to take the best decisions everyday. 

of our brands

Some Stats

Few statistics that may interest you.

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our job

What we do?


Qualitative Research

First thing first, before building or growing a brand we are making sure the market wants it.


Social Marketing

We live and breath social media, and making sure we are well seen there.


Graphic Design

We have a graphic design team which is in charge of the brand look and feel.



Websites, Systems, Teams, Logistics.


Reportyng & Analysis

Using advanced AI tools we can make smart decisions that are based on data from various sources.


People Science

In search of customer feedback. We strive to provide the best experience to our customers and to precisely fill there needs.

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Some of our brands

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